About I.Web Nepal

I.Web Nepal was established in 2005 with the intention to provide all necessary IT consulting and development services to small and medium business companies all over the world so that their presence in the internet becomes more reliable, effective, faster, easier and professional

Our Story

Operating out of Maitidevi,Saugat Marg was founded in September 2005. After operating under the name as nepalihost.com for several years , we decided we needed a much easier name to brand --I.Web Nepal was born. We currently have equipment located in world class datacenters all over the United States,Singapore,India and Nepal. In 2005 we launched our newest website along with many new features that improve quality as well as enable our customers to take full advantage of their website.

We Improve Your Business

Providing value in the lives of your customers is extremely important when thinking about creating lasting business success. If you are not changing or adding extreme value to your customers’ lives, your business will hit “stall mode” very quickly. The stall mode is when you truly believe you are doing everything right and working extremely hard, but the results and success aren’t present to show for it.